Known systems of the 098troika cluster

Volcana (T+2 E-1 R+1) Video about Volcana *Gaia (T0 E+1 R+2) *System 1 (T0 E0 R+1) Video about System 1 *Mantis (T+1 E0 R+1) *Celebes (T+1 E-4 R0) Video about Celebes

Other locations

High Sun *Sirka XIV

Characters: (use this character template) *Endosian Hax *Trackus *Maxus Karne *Takanatsu 2334 *Pangeran Kecil *Mallis

Ships: See the Construction rules. Use this ship template for your pages. *T2 Volcanan ships == Slipships and other craft of Volcana *[[T1-T2 Mantan ships]] *[[T1-T4 Celebesian ships]] *T0 System 1 ships *T0 Gaian ships *T3 Straight Arrow


Actual Play: *[[242010-03-11]] *[[242010-03-25]]

Game uses the indefatigably rockin’ Diaspora rules.

The System Reference Document has all rules, though without examples.

See also developers’ wiki.

The Troika Cluster